Esty ARTrageous Creative Studio

With an unpredictable composition or an odd perspective, Julie Flanagan places visual treasures in her camera's view-finder that are rarely noticed by the passerby. With astute sensitivity, she distills them to unveil a beauty in the mundane, an unforeseen alchemy or a subtly nuanced resilience. Her signature filtering techniques along with inventive uses of digital tools enables her to create art that reflects an edgy and innovative interpretation of the traditional philosophies behind the post impressionist, the baroque and even post-modern styles.

     Using the momentum of a long, illustrious art education career combined with the fresh perspective from her extending stays in the Washington DC area, Julie has jumpstarted her new art career.

       In Kansas City she hosted her own show at the prestigious Kansas City Artists Coalition, showing over 24 pieces in their Gallery Underground. She had a one night show at the "Studio Above" in the Kansas City Crossroads selling 2/3s of her work. She received 2nd place in a juried show at "The Arts Center" gallery in Overland park KS.

     In Alexandria VA, she's earned the status of permanent exhibitor at the prestigious Torpedo Factory's Art league Gallery.  Her art is often accepted into their monthly juried exhibits as well, chosen over 500-700 submitters.

      In Arlington, her work was accepted to into the nationally juried show, "This is America" at the Crystal City Gallery Underground. and the Durant Arts Center. 


      Flanagan has obtained a variety of experiences that enhance her artistic outlook. As a former Kansas University artist and athlete and a Kansas City creative icon, she's hosted 24 monthly arts and crafts segments on CBS's KCTV5's Better Kansas City Show.

     In 2004, she founded "ARTrageous Creative Studio" where she taught art to over 2300 loyal Kansas City families. She earned a second degree in Art Education from Avila University in 1998 while achieving "Master Teacher" status at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, focusing on underserved pre-teens for 28 years.

     She also taught 15 years at Nativity Parish Grade School, Leawood KS and many workshops for homeless families at ReachKCK, ReStart and IHN. As current co-chair of Prairie Village Arts Council, she's curated and hosted countless juried exhibits and openings.


My artfully altered photos reflect my artfully altered existence.

Born as a 4th generation Kansas City girl, 
my midwest roots grew deep and strong. 
As the oldest of a large creative family, 
art education easily became a perfect fit for me. 

For decades I taught art to all walks of life, 
     from catholic children to inner city high schoolers,

     from an art museum environment to artful TV appearances.

For years, my "art" was "the teaching of art."

Now, life has handed me the unexpected: 
a new location far away with lots of travel.
Now has become my time to 
      teach the dormant artist in ME.

For this inner exploration, I explore my outer world 

through the eyes of an artist - that taught.
I notice form, balance, contrasts, juxtapositions, ironies, allegories… 
I capture these sensory filled moments through 
the emotional release of a camera's aperture.

Immersed in my mobile art studio
filled with digital tools and visual devices
I then seek to distill my images down to their inevitable essences. 
     Perhaps unveiling an unforeseen alchemy,
     capturing a certain beauty in the mundane 
     or by adding a subtly nuanced resilience.
Infusing my heart, my mind, my soul,

Each piece speaks to my love of the world in all its forms,
and to my gratitude for a life filled with 
     serendipitous change 
     and hiding treasures.

Find YOUR  joy…it’s camouflaged in something obvious.

About Julie Flanagan