Artrageous parties are  currently unavailable, Thanks. 

Important Booking Information for ARTrageous Parties/Meetings

Duration: Most art experiences last around 1½ -2 hours, depending on the project, age’s children and number of guests. 
Usually another 30-45 minutes is added for the celebration part.  

Cost: The cost of the Art Party depends on the project which can range from $12-16.00 per guest.
There will be an added cost of $2.00 per guest for an additional 30-45 minutes of time spent in the studio for non-art related activities that the host will handle, such as meetings and socializing and/or treats and gifts. There is an $120.00 minimum, but no minimum for number of guests. 
For 18 or more guests, an extra fee of $20.00 will be charged; due to the higher numbers, the project presentation must be modified, requiring additional preparation time. 
You can also opt to include a collaborative art piece that everyone participates in, as a tribute to your honoree! Only $20.00!!

Your Guests:

  • An accurate count must be provided within 12 hours (the day before) the party. No refunds for no-shows after that point. A rough estimate can be provided at booking.
  • ARTrageous can facilitate up to 8-28 art participants per party, (I can go as high as 35, but the project choices are more limited.) There's no real limit on observing or helping guests. 
  • Helpers: For children’s parties, it is preferable to have an extra pair of parent/adult hands for every 6-8 children during the art experience, but not required. 
  • Very young siblings: An adult will be needed to accompany a very young child (under 4) at the studio if they are not able to participate. The studio is NOT childproofed and can be very intriguing and equally as unsafe for this age. I do have some toys to help out too. 
  • Siblings: Often there will be one or two siblings or other guests that will wish to participate in the process. They will need to be included and charged as party participants as well. Typically, those over 4 do relatively FINE with their sibling’s projects. If they are not going to participate, no problem, but they will need to bring something to occupy their time, or we can facilitate them to be “art assistants.”

A cheerful invitation to your guests from ARTrageouswill be provided after theme and project are decided. It will include the name of honoree, new age, theme and process, date, time, location directions, parking, pick-up, what to bring and not to bring. This will make your guests feel comfortable coming to our studio. They should read this before coming.

We have an allergy-free environment. I have a great reputation for being a SAFE place for people with severe allergies, so please check with ALL of your guest’s to find out about any peanut, tree nut, dairy, gluten, or diabetic concerns that we should make sure to accommodate.Let ARTrageous know about these in advance, Thanks.

Special needs: We can talk on the phone about any specific physical disabilities or other special needs issues to be addressed by participants. I have much experience with this. I can fashion the project to be appropriate for everyone in the group. Although do be advised, the ARTrageous studio is down a flight of steps.  

A group “Tribute” art work for the honoree! I also offer a unique opportunity for your group to create a collaborative project to hang at their location as a remembrance and creative expression of your group usually a large painting 16-20” or so, on a wrapped canvas, where each person contributes something special. I use unusual techniques and approaches making the art a fun a presentable finished piece that is completed by the end of the party. The fee for this wonderful art piece is only $20.00 (There are a few exceptions for variations). We might need to allow 15 extra minutes of the time for this option. 

We've hosted parties for 11 years and have always been a huge success as well as a darling memory for the children, with a bulletin board customized to the honoree including their name and sentiment. This make for a great Photo backdrop for that keepsake memory photo. And your party favors: a FUN art piece for each child to take home that very day. 

Thanks and I look forward to being A FUN part of your special day!

“Miss Julie” 
Julia Flanagan



 Artrageous parties are  currently unavailable, Thanks. 

     Collaborative Projects:

  • Family Reunion Projects
  • Auction Projects
  • Coach Gifts Projects 
  • Mom's or Dad's Day collaborations

​ARTrageous Party

for meeting for

your group!

Emailing your Party Booking?
Be sure to include: 

  1. Your top three choices of open dates and morning or afternoon preferences.
  2. Your top three processes 
  3. Your top three themese
  4. If birthday: Include name, age and school of your honoree.
  5. If scout: Include your troop name, age and school.


 Artrageous parties are  currently unavailable, Thanks. 


 Artrageous parties are  currently unavailable, Thanks. 

Open dates/times for Miss Julie's famous ARTrageous Parties:​

I am booked with parties through July 31st!!

Other scheduling inquiries:  

     No bookings taken more than 2 months in advance!

​​​​​​​Unique cultural arts processes from:    China,



American Indian,

European architecture

Or your own creative ideas! 

  • ​"ART 4 FUN" Parties 
  • "Art Birthday" Parties  
  • Scouts: International Fair Prep
  • ​Boy or Girl Scout Meetings (Scout troops receive the educational ARTrageous Fabulous FOUR - see workshop page)
  • Bunco Art Parties
    Bookclub Art Parties - Book themes!

                **THEMES Rank your top 2-3 choices: 

Choose themes like:

fantasies like





clay animals (not kiln fired),


Art-to-Wear fashion design,

self-portrait art-box (from a cigar box),

science fiction,

​How to Host an ART Party at
​ARTrageous Creative Studio: 

1. Review my ARTrageous Processes and Themes

2. Email me:

  • Your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of Days from the list below.
  • Your choice of morning or afternoon based on the list below.
  • Your 2-3 choices of processes.
  • Your 2-3 choices of themes. 
  • A rough estimate of amount of guests

3. I'll email you to confirm a date within 48hours.

4. I'll call you and we'll design your party process and theme!!

5. I'll email you:  

  • Your confirmation with agreed price:

              You'll Pay at party with cash or check to "ARTrageous".

  • Your party's format
  • Your invitation from ARTrageous to your guests with info about:
    • Party's Theme, Day, Times, Location
    • Directions to studio with pictures of my home, studio and me.
    • Honoree's name and age (for birthday party)
    • Parking rules in Prairie Village
    • Drorop-off and pick-up. 

6. You arrive 15 minutes before your guests and, "Let the FUN begin!!"

       *PROCESSES Rank your top 2-3 choices

There are lots of art mediums to choose from:




Clay Sculpture



Mixed Media

Assemblage with found objects and much more.