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If you already know me, you know that I am generally happy and always enthusiastic about life and living. I’ve been known to get more than a bit crazy, especially when making art and especially when sharing my unorthodox art-making processes with my community.


I’ve waited for years for a platform where I can share some of the artful inspirations that I come upon as I make my humble journey through life and all those fleeting yet meaningful treasures that it shares.

I hope you’ll find solace and maybe be uplifted by my random personal experiences and insights. These will include:

  • My modest but heartfelt literary musings
  • My more current artfully altered art
  • My simple yet outside-the-box art-making processes, that anyone can do.
  • My whimsical and innovative TV segments shared on CBS’s local show, KCTV5’s Batter Kansas City Show. There is never a dull moment with my crazy presentations.    

And so, my blog begins.
...drum roll please…


FIRST blog entry:

This art, “Aging Gracefully,” was chosen for a recent exhibition “Who Does She this She Is” at Kansas City’s InterUrban Arthouse. It addressed women’s identity in a modern world. I wrote down this meditation after I experience my discovery of this flower in my garden.

A Withering Bloom

As I walk my garden, I’m stopped for contemplation by a poignant withering Peony bloom. Around me are women turning back age, by chiseling the sculpture that is their form, in hopes of dwelling happily within society’s youthful standards.

Personally, this beautiful aging bloom inspires me to embrace my inevitable declension. Its soft, pliable crepe-paper pedals are my skin from years of movement and exposure to a beautiful world. Its colorfully textured and mature center hold seeds of acquired wisdom and my desire to leave a legacy. The wind and weather surrounding it, are the multitude of experiences, good and bad, that have softened my stem, allowing me to now bend with change.

Aging, for me, will be a graceful dance with life and love.


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