Frame Your Ordered Print

To purchase a frame, please click here.

Choose the appropriate frame style to go with your print style:
Your Canvas Print will need a "Float Frame." 
Your Deckled Print will need a "Deckled Print Frame" 
        For deckled print frames, the frames are deep and the print is raised 3/8" from the background giving and floating appearance. 
Your Raised Cut Print get a "Raised Print Frame
Your Regular Print gets a "Print Frame" that includes a mat.
          No need to purchase a matted print if you plan to frame it with us. 
         The mat color is usually white if art has a white edge or black if art has a black edge. Mat widths are artistically decided, usually 2-5", depending on frame size.

Our Frames are sized to match your print size. Frames are listed by therir oepning size, not the frame's outer measurements. Frames will be larger than the listed opening sizes. (Outer edge dimensions are listed after the print sizes. The frame's proportions are listed after that.) Made and assembled in America: wood, painted, or buffed metallic. Frame dimensions will vary proportionally by art’s dimensions. For example, an average size of 16 x 20” frame will be 1.25” molding height off the wall, .75” face from the front, 3'8" rabbet depth.

Color choices are Warm-silver ~ Black ~ White ~ Wood-tan

Finished frame presentations include mounting, backing and a back hanger of either comb or wire.  A very clear strong covering of heavy acrylic (plexiglass-glass style) of 4 [8] gauge, with the appearance of glass but shatter resistant.  [Clear 8-gauge glass covering.] (Actual photos of the coming so the website soon.)

FYI - Ratios: The width of the art compared to the height is the ratio. For example, a square frame comes in a variety of sizes but they all have the same ratio of 1:1, (1 unit of width and 1 unit for height: 9x9, 12x12, 16x16, 24x24.) 

Customizing your Order

You can customize just about anything with my products. I want my art to be the PERFECT compliment to your unique space:

  • Art size variations that aren't offered here on this website are NO PROBLEM! LARGE sizes to 60x40" Canvas "murals" to 9x9" plaques,Just email me, my prices are very comparable. I can even print ON wood.
    This Kansas City commission was 40x60".
  • Other Frame Options - Even un-stretched canvas prints, on metal, chiney Acrylic plaques, rustic or detressed wood, and many other framing options.or any other customized color scheme to match your space and style.
  • Artistic Variations Available - Anything is possible! I can transform this into a lovely black and white versions, customized color schemes, variations to any images.  Prices are very comparable. Email your request.

More Details:

  • Paper Print - Images are printed in giclée style on white [off-white] Premium Archival Matte (heavy no-shine) [Lustre (semi-gloss)] paper using archival inks that show vivid authentic colors. Plenty of white space is added around the image allowing a natural (faux) mat that fits the frame opening. My printers are green certified.
  • Deckled Paper Print - This is my best presentation! I gently deckle the paper's edge to further accent my unique image edging." I then elevate it on a foam-core creating a drop-shadow on the provided white back-drop. Spacers are also provided for the frame opening. 
  • Matted Print - The print is attached to the back of a white [black with black full] bevel-cut mat, 4-ply acid-free. The mat's outside is cut to fit a standard frame size.
  • Canvas Wrap - Image is vibrantly printed on textured canvas cloth, sealed to a fade-resistant satin finish, and stretched tight around a wood stretcher-frame. Depth of stretcher 1.5-2.0" depending on size. Made in the USA.

  • Email your requests: