Aging Gracefully, Peony
Aging Gracefully, Peony
Aging Gracefully, Peony
Aging Gracefully, Peony
Aging Gracefully, Peony

Aging Gracefully, Peony

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"A Withering Bloom
As I walk my garden, I’m stopped for contemplation by a poignant withering Peony bloom:
Around me are women turning back age, by chiseling the sculpture that is their form, in hopes of dwelling happily within society’s youthful standards.
Personally, this beautiful aging bloom inspires me to embrace my own inevitable declension.
My soft, pliable crepe-paper pedals are my skin from years of movement and exposure to a beautiful world.
My colorfully textured and mature center holds seeds of acquired wisdom and my desire to leave a legacy.
My surrounding wind and weather are the multitudes of experiences, good and bad that have softened my stem, allowing me to now bend with change. 
Aging, for me, will be a graceful dance with life and love"

My Process:
"After capturing this visual treasure in my camera, I then transform is digitally, unveiling its essence of meaning through artfully altering its, colors, shapes, and composition. The style of this image draws on my love of art history's Baroque style.
'The Baroque style used contrast, movement, exuberant detail, deep color, grandeur, and surprise to achieve a sense of awe.' [Wikipedia]
This, to me, is my self portrait."   

Free and safe shipping! Printing and shipping time varies based on size and presentation, usually between 7-31 days.

All prints are digitally signed.
All art pieces are as (very) limited editions of 30 or less.

Prints are usually sized to fit openings of standard-sized frames found in stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

Paper Print - Images are printed in giclée style on white [off-white] Premium Archival Matte (heavy no-shine) [Lustre (semi-gloss)] paper using archival inks that show vivid authentic colors. Plenty of white space is added around the image allowing a natural (faux) mat that fits the frame opening. My printers are green certified.
Deckled Paper Print - This is my best presentation! I gently deckle the paper's edge to further accent my unique image edging." I then elevate it on a foam-core creating a drop-shadow on the provided white back-drop. Spacers are also provided for the frame opening.
Matted Print - The print is attached to the back of a white [black with black full] bevel-cut mat, 4-ply acid-free. The mat's outside is cut to fit a standard frame size.
Canvas Wrap - Image is vibrantly printed on textured canvas cloth, sealed to a fade-resistant satin finish, and stretched tight around a wood stretcher-frame. Depth of stretcher 1.5-2.0" depending on size. Made in USA.
Artistic Variations Available - Anything is possible! I can transform this into a lovely black and white versions or any other customized color scheme to match your space and style. Prices are very comparable. Email your request. 
LARGE sizes to 60x40" Canvas "murals" to 9x9" plaques.
We'll Frame it For You - Right here on this site! For this separate sale, see our Framing page. Any style and size!  To frame this art, use this link: 1:1.25 Ratio FramesFrom a 60x40" wrapped canvas floating in a studio frame to an 11x14" printed on metal, we'll create just the right look for your space.
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