Pictorial Resumé - Julie Flanagan - 2023

Quick BIO

Julie shares her passions and opinions by artfully altering her photos. Since her alterations are defined by the photo's subject matter, her collection contains variety of looks and unexpected perspectives including traditional art styles inspired by her 28 part-time years teaching art at the Nelson Atkins Museum  of Art. She founding her own art school, ARTrageous Creative Studio seeing 4800 students over 12 years. Her fun personality brought her a 7-year stint as "ARTrageous Julie" on KCTV5's Better KC Show.  Julie now continues finding joy using art-making as her avenue to share her opinions and perspectives. Towards that end, she will again participate in Prairie Village art Fair 2022,23. She hosted solo shows at Nativity Parish Gallery, Gallery 2010, KC Artist Coalition. Winning national awards through exhibiting artworks in shows all around Kansas City and at the historic Torpedo Factory Art Center, in Old Town Alexandria VA, her second city. Her 43 years living in Prairie Village brought 11 years on its Arts Council where she founded the annual "Future of the Arts" children's exhibit that is still enjoyed today. She shares her hands-on talents by doing workshops in KC and DC communities and cherishes artful time with KC's displaced families and at-risk teens. She founded new art group in KC for artists who are also Christians: Art In Christ.  

Currently - Drawing Fun

In between art submissions, I love getting my hands "paint-dirty," creating hands mixed media collages, paintings and drawings. I find it greatly enhances my outlook on her digital photo alterations. Her are a few examples:

 Magnolias Painting  Tulip Painting  

Spending time drawing with my grandson and his Pokémon obsession:

 Pokémon 1 

Having not nurtured my passion for KC Ballet at the Kauffman Center, I connected instead with an art process.


- - - 

Remembering one of my greatest joys: Sharing fun art processes with her community on KCTV5's Better KC Show for 6 years! This is a promotional Flyer promotion for my TV Segment and follow-up workshop:

Promo for Workshop

Pictorial Resume


    • Selected to show at the popular Nativity Parish art gallery with over 40 piece on exhibit, September-November 2023, Leawood KS
    • Selected for a booth to show my collection at the Jewish Community Center's Culture Fest, October 2023, Overland Park KS
    • Selected to show at the Prairie Village Art Show/Fair 2023, to show and sell my art. Enjoying my grand-daughter's "help."
      PVAF 2023 Bailey
    • In Alexandria VA: Over 30 successful juried submissions, Torpedo Factory's Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA. Acceptance rate of 100 out of 650+ for monthly displays. 2016-present

 Torpedo Factory Art Center, Old Town Alexandria VA
  Studio Above Showing   Torpedo Factory Art League Gallery Workshop ME

  • Artworks Selected: 3 Artworks chosen for 3 international shows, Art Underground, Washington DC. 2019-2020

  • Solo Show: Kansas City's prestigious 60 year old KC Artists Coalition, 26 pieces in my exhibition: Altered: An Altered life as Manifested in Altered Art. 2019
    KC Artists Coalition Show "Altered" Kauffman aetworks    Julie Art Exhibition, "Altered" KC Artsits Coalition   KC  Artists Coalition sign-up book

    KC Artists Coalitions taking pictures    KC Artists Coalition setting up   Julie Art exhibition "Altered"  KC Artists Coalition 
  • Artwork Selected: Chosen out of 1000, top 100 accepted,  at international exhibition "Art of Photography" Endres Gallery, P. V. KS, 100 selected out of 1000 2021

   "Crossroads" Chosen top 10% of 1000 submissions to international photo exhibition

  • Selected to Prairie Village Art Festival, to show and sell my art. 100 chosen out of 100+ submissions 2019  
    Prairie Village Art Show booth right  Prairie Village Art Festival "Thank you!"  Prairie Village Art Show booth left  
  • 4 Artworks Selected: Durant Arts Center's juried exhibit: "Young at Art" Oct/Nov 2016


  • 2nd place at Gallery Underground, Washington DC International show with1500 
    Out of the Darkness

    As a relatively naïve Midwest woman, I attended this, my first major protest: the Women’s March on Washington in January 2017. It was profoundly changed and empowered me on that it conjured up latent memories of a couple sexual assaults on me back in college in the 1970’s. Oddly, I never thought much of them before this protest because, sadly, I built an acceptance to that being the way men were and that perhaps it was my fault for leading them on. This artwork is my manifestation of my awakening and is symbolic for me on there levels. 

  • Honorable mention among 800 auction pieces artworks exhibited Torpedo Factory’s Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA 2021
    DCA Reagan in Spring
  • 2nd Place at The Center Gallery, City of Overland Park, KS 2016
    Ruffle phito

Collaborations with Cities & Organizations                                     

  • Founded a brand new art group in KC of artists who are also Christians in march 2023: Arts In Christ. See our Facebook Page for our many fun and creative activities.
    IAC Donna at NAMA
  • Founder and Chair the City of Prairie Village's "Future of the Arts" annual children’s fine arts exhibitions. Upon request of (now) Mayor Eric Mikkelson as part of role on the PV Council for 11 years, innovated a way to get younger families involved in the city. 
      • Directed for six years, doubling in size every year, welcoming the visual, literary and performing arts.
      • Directed children’s recruitment and promotions, parent communications, CaFÉ, judges, installation, opening gala, entertainment, and hands-on activities for attendees.
      • Hosted/moderating all the on-stage performances and awards presentations and syncing awards with my slide show design. 2012 - 2019 

Prairie Village children fine arts Exhibition, Sax artistPresenting at the "Future of the Arts" Children fine art exhibitionPrairie Village's children's fine arts exhibition, Poetry reader

Children's Fine Art Exhibition, Make-&-Take activity.  Prairie Village Children's Fine Art Exhibition: "Future of the Arts"


  • Co-Chair and Art Environment designer, National Catholic Youth Conference: 
      • Bartle Hall Convention Center, planned and coordinated the 8800 square feet of fabric hung from 30 foot ceilings 
      • Managed $12,000 budget within tight time-line. (As a volunteer.) 2008
        Bartle Hall Conference Adjusting Fabric    Bartle Hall Conference Throwing fabric
      • Bartel Hall collage
  • Founder and Chair, "Nativity School Art Festival" Leawood KS 
      • Executed large-scale, annual exhibit of 700 students’ visual and performing arts highlighting musicians, make-and-take art for families, and inclusive of multidimensional student art
      • Hosted 350+ families, with 40 parent volunteers
      • Included nationally known visiting artists, professional musicians to influence students. 
  • City of Alexandria VA: Within a $10.000 budget, designed a large hard-scape neighborhood entry, creating a large brick encasement for mailboxes the included elements including brick flower boxes. 
      • Worked with a team to coordinate passage of the design with a highly strict city planning board. The board passed it, stating that it enhanced and did not compromised the important historic setting of the city. 
      • Provided concept rendering, color illustrations
      • Provided design of hour-long powerpoint presentation of design.
 Waterford place Rendering  
Waterford Place Structure BEFORE  Waterford Place Structure AFTER  
Waterford place plan view   Waterford place Study looking north  
  • Co-Chaired Decorations for Bishop Miege Auctions, netting $150.000 annually 2000 – 2006, 
      • Coordinating 35+ volunteers to thematically transform gym, cafeteria, commons.
      • Designed and engineered a 45ft. dragon mobile from 30ft. ceiling. 
      • Designed, created 8x18ft. stage backdrop.
Auction Space tranformation: "Cirque du Curé" for Cure of Ars Church Auction space transformation "Cirque du Curé" Curé of Ars Church
  • Co-chaired Art and Environment Committee for St. Ann's Catholic church, 
      • Designing twenty-four 44x108" banners for aisles at Easter, 
      • Large scale décor for Christmas, Pentecost, and Lent. 1997
  • Provided Corporate Sponsorship via ownership of ARTrageous Studio:
      • "Children’s Area" at KC IrishFest 2009-2011
      • “State of the Arts” and Annual Art Exhibition, Prairie Village Art Council 2008-9
      • "Village Jazz Fest” 2013.

Television & Media:                                                 

  • CBS, KCTV5's "Better Kansas City Show," "ARTrageous Julie" presented 26 monthly arts and crafts segments 2013-2018 
KCTV5's Better KC Show Segment: Painting with Flames
KCTV5's Better KC Show with Host, 2018  KCTV5's Better KC Show host attends Julie's WorkshopKCTV5's Better KC Show: Julie ARTrageous segment from her home.
  • Recruited by Prairie Village Shops to create four artworks featured in Magazines: KC Spaces, 435 Magazine, InKC and The Independent, social media, 4000 flyers. 2018-19  

    Prairie Village Tower in Autumn  Prairie Village Tower Holiday   Prairie Vallige Tower in SummerPrairie Village Mall   Prairie Village Art on Flyer
  • The Leaven Catholic newspaper in November of 2018 for her art collaborative flaming art/prayer, “Art Ignites Prayer.”
  • Sun Newspaper outstanding student participation local  Logo Design contest
  • The Leaven in 2005 for her school-wide collaborative art endeavor commemorating Jesus’s Last Supper.


Work Experience                                           

  • Full-time artist: Working in digitally altered photography exhibiting in juried shows and galleries in both Alexandria VA and Kansas City areas. Showing at The Torpedo Factory's Art League Gallery, Old Town Alexandria, VA and at 2010 Gallery in Prairie Village KS

KC Artists Coalition Auction    ARTRageous Studio printed Grades photo
Julie Exhibits at the Torpedo Factory's Art League Gallery   
 Torpedo Factory's Art League Gallery, NYC Artwork showing

  • Founder ARTrageous Studios: An on-line art sales site, workshops, outreach, August 2016- present

Workshop at 2010 Gallery Flame painting on copper  Workshop at Gallery 2010

Torpedo Factory's Art League Gallery Workshop

  • Founder, owner, director and art educator: ARTrageous Creative Studio, hosted 4700 students with courses, camps, workshops and parties. Prairie Village, KS, 2007-2016
 ARTrageous Creative Art School, Kid's for Peace workshop 
ARTrageous Creative Art School's studio NWARTrageous Creative Art School's Studio WARTrageous Creative Art School's studio NE
  ARTrageous Creative Art School party setting  ARTrageous Creative Art School, on location
  • Master level Art Educator The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art: Used the collection to inspire art lesson plans. 1989 - 2012 
      • In Community Services: Off-site and on-site art ed. for disadvantaged children
      • Taught workshops to groups from all over the region, coordinating with their teachers and parents.
      • Taught courses and camps to families and students of all ages
      • Designed and facilitated projects and activities for Family Days.
  • Solo Art Teacher: Nativity Parish School: To 680+ students - August 1992 – May 2007
  • Diving Coach: Leawood Aquatic Center – 8 summers, 96 - 2005
  • Art Director & Founder: Julie Flanagan Arts, doing fashion Illustration and ad freelance 1983 – 1991
  • T-Shirt Silkscreen Designer/Illustrator: Artex Mfg. Co. One of her designs received an award that added it into their archived colleciton. 1981 - 1983
  • Graphic Artist Internship: Swicegood Commercial Art Studio 1981
  • Diving Coach/Instructor/Lifeguard, Leawood South Country Club, 9 summers 1971 – 1980

Public Speaking

  • “Integrating Visual Arts Across the Curriculum.” Three presentations to 75+ Archdiocesan teachers:  2002
  • "Promoting Creative Thinking and Working Skills" Presented to 30+ faculty on with art activity, at Trinity Catholic School 2017
  • "Art History as it Relates to Christianity" Five presentations to 30+ on  at Rolling Hills Presbyterian Church 2016
  • “Promote Catholicity Through Art Across Curriculum” Two presentations/power point to 100+ archdiocesan teachers:   2005
  • “School-wide Art Activities to Promote the Catholic Seasons.” Two presentations to 40+ archdiocesan teachers:   2004
  • “Behavior Management in the Art Room” Three presentations to 35+ Archdiocesan teachers:  1999
  • Presented to 160 parents about "An 8th Grade Musical Production meant to Build Christian Fellowship before graduation." I directed the play that year for 80 students, producing it on a grand scale. 2014
  • “Art That Will Build Creative Thinking and Working Skills!” Presented annually for 13 years to 250+ junior high parents. 2000-2014

Community Work & Outreach

    • Provided monthly art enhancement for the Interfaith Hospitality Network 2008-present (organization helps displaced in Johnson County, KS)
    • Provided monthly art enhancement for homeless families with ReStart 2008- 2010,
    • Founded Nativity Liturgical Committee (spiritual leader for the faculty and school, several activities per year) ‘02 – 2006
    • Director and Sets Coordinator: Nativity 8th grade plays/musicals, 80-member cast & 70 volunteers, director in 2006, sets in 2001-05

Notable Corporate & Private Commissions & Patrons                   

  • KMG Hotels, Sanjay Koshiya, President:
    — Marriott Garden Airport KC MO: 3 pieces in main entry, on time, under budget.
    Airport Marriott for InstallationAirport Marriott

    — Courtyard by Marriott OP, KS: Proposal for 18 pieces for three halls outside elevators (See photos in CaFE) 

    Sanjay Marriott hallway  Sanjay Hallway Elevator doors
  • Halpin & Company, Chris Halpin: UV resistant artwork at street-front entryway to offices, on time, under budget. 
    Halpin Front Entry Installation
  • Deedee Cooper, Realtor Reece Nichols: 2 installations for formal environment. Considerations: specific color scheme, sizing, framing, on time, at budget. 
    Deedee Cooper Dining room
    Deedee Cooper Diptych Art Installation
  • Barbara Kovaks, Advisor with Largay Travel: Large 4x6 foot mural, commission from her cell phone photo. 
  • Anna Marie, diptych of family portrait installation for a gathering space. Considerations: representational mood, color scheme, on time, under budget.
    Vogel Commission Collage
  • Tim Cahill, Director Architecture, HNTB Corperation, Architecture & Consulting: Two artworks.
  • Owen Zidar, KC Southern3, Art works for home in Mission Hills KS.
Union Station Clock  Abstract Artwork of New York City



  • Avila College – Education Certification 20 education credit hours 1998, master degree in progress  4.0 GPA
  • Kansas University – Bachelor Fine Arts, in Visual Communications  1976-1980 3.5 GPA
  • Brain Based Teaching – Baker University, 2005, 18 credit hours. 4.0
  • Loyola Rome Center – Rome Italy, 13 art and art history credit hours 1978  4.0 GPA

Clubs, Associations

  • KC Artists Coalition, Sept. 2016- present ~ Art League of Alexandria, July 2016-present
  • Member KC's International Visitor's Council: Hosted 2 guests from abroad Azerbaijan for 10 days
  • K-Club Letter Women: Kansas University Diving Team 1976 – 1980 Varsity
  • National Art Education Association - 1989-2016

Interests and Hobbies                                                           

  • Art experimentation, swimming, singing, travel, hiking, art museums.
  • My husband, Terry, Engineer Manager at HNTB Corporation, lead engineer for enlargement of Arlington Cemetery, Arlington VA.
    Married for 38 years,  raised our 3 adult daughters with 4 Grandchildren: 
  • Shannon: Civil Environmental Engineer, AECom Chicago IL, 
  • Kelly: MS Johns Hopkins School of International Studies 2012, Assistant to the Dean of International Studies, University of Maryland 
  • Bridget: Founder/Manufacturer/Designer of NOVAA (LLC), KC based, ethically sourced sustainably made clothing and products.