About Julie


My artfully altered photos reflect a life artfully altered.

Born as a 4th generation Kansas City girl,
my midwest roots grew deep and strong.
As the oldest of a large creative family,
art education easily became a perfect fit.

For decades I taught art to all walks of life,
from Catholic children to inner-city high schoolers,
from an art museum environment to artful TV appearances.

For years, my "art" was "the teaching of art."

Now, life has handed the unexpected:
a new location far away with lots of travel.
Now has become the time to
teach the dormant artist in myself.

For this inner exploration, I explore my outer world
through the eyes of an artist - that taught.
Noticing form, balance, contrasts, juxtapositions, ironies…
Capturing these sensory filled moments through
the emotional release of my camera's aperture.

Then, I immerse myself into a mobile art studio.
Using digital "paintbrushes, “‘filtered’ glazes,"  and “‘layered’ polymers."
Altering moments down to their inevitable essences.
    unveiling an unforeseen alchemies,
    capturing a certain meaning in the mundane
    or by adding a subtly nuanced resilience to
           places familiar yet unfamiliar.
             …moments altered by the altered
             ...art born of the reborn. 



Imagine viewing a photograph so dramatically altered digitally, that the original image is lost in transformed impressionistic colors, or pop-art edges, or post-modern abstractions. One might wonder, "How was this art made? Was there ever a photograph?" Like artists throughout art history that have altered what defines the concept of art, I hope to inspire an examination of the question, "Is traditional style art still valid if it's digital?"

Inspired by years of teaching and touring at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, amidst art history's many influential artists, movements and cultures, I wanted to explore a modern version of the classic art styles, using current subject matter and cutting edge processes.

I'm constantly compelled to seek out meaning in the unexpected or in the seemingly unexciting, then revel in utilizing optimal lighting and open-minded perspectives when placing these visual treasures into my camera's viewfinder.

Then in my portable "art studio," I redefine, manipulate and create, using my “‘digital’ paint brushes," “‘filtered’ glazes," “‘working RGB’ palettes," “‘selected’ scissors,” and “‘layered’ polymers." These traditional art tools now made digital, allow me to use my artistic talent for creating works of art that transcend the photos.

As a result, our mundane world can contain rich hidden messages waiting to be unveiled: Possibly an unexpected resilience found in something bland, or an unforeseen social purpose awakened though fleeting moments, or an ironic alchemy in every-day elements. Messages that can awaken our sensibilities and transform our perspective.

"I am fueled by an outlook rooted in gratitude"

More Testimonials:

"Hi Julie, 
My name is Rosalie, a little while back I purchased your piece, God's Profligacy (excellent name by the way) from a Gallery in the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria VA. I was absolutely captivated as soon as I entered the gallery, and actually avoided looking at the price because I didn't dream I could afford something so beautiful. Once I learned that it was surprisingly affordable (thanks again for that!!) I ran back to the gallery and immediately put it on hold. Right now the three panels are hanging over my bed and it brightens up the entire room.  Anytime I get a visitor I usher them into the bedroom to see it, and I've received nothing but compliments. This was my first fine art purchase and I couldn't be happier!
Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me and the world, I'm absolutely in love with your work!

Washington DC

"THANK YOU so MUCH Julie! This piece, "Kansa City Crossroad Blues" is a real visual treat! We know it is going to be a show stopper... 🙌🙏"

Marissa Starke
KC Artist Coalition

"God's Profligacy" In this tryptic, each piece can stand alone, but you've just got to see the three of them together with your own eyes!"

Tim Morrison
2010 Gallery of Art

"Hosting Julie's Copper Flame Painting segment on the show this morning was my favorite so far! I can’t wait to go to her workshop next week!”

Belinda Post
KCTV5 Anchor
Refers to Julie's segment done on their "Better Kansas City" morning show

"I love jello, but today we are using gelatin to make art 😍" 

Alexis Del Cid
KCTV5 Anchor

 "I watched your TV Segment while sitting in one of John’s physics class in Kuwait.... I laughed out loud! Definitely need to try this with one of my pictures from Petra!"

Lynn S.

"Julie, you are so talented! Thank you for posting these beautiful photos. You just made FB worthwhile😊"

Debbie A. 
North Carlina

My home is FULL of Julie Flanagan and ARTrageous Creative beauty. I’m so blessed to have such a beautiful and talented God mama! ♥️♥️♥️

Katie K.
A biased fan from Overland Park KS

"Julie, your art is beautiful!! Now I can say I know a famous artist! Bravo! My favorite is Captain’s Row Old Town, it's so patriotic."

Marilyn K. 
Fairway KS