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KCI Airport  -   Kansas City Missouri

Proposal only: Public Call for Artists to submit an artwork installation for a wall on Concourses A or B by the City of Kansas City, Missouri One Percent for Art Program

"On a Plane to Kansas City"

KCI Airport Artwork Proposal

My large scale digital artwork, "On a Plane to Kansas City" is an energetic and lively mural that will extend 19ft. 9" across the wall and fill 4ft. height, including frame. I've used my signature altering techniques to create this unique style and all images were from photos taken by me. My mission with this piece is to inspire pride, wonder, and curiosity for all types of travelers and welcome them "over the rainbow" and into the art that is Kansas City.

KCI Rendering with ARTwork virtually placed within


At first glance, from 30 feet away, you won't miss the WOW-effect of lively colors and then the 10ft. wing span of a 737 plane soaring over the 19ft. long skyline, along with the KCI Architectural features represented as bookends to the art. At 15 feet away, you'll see that the art is divided into 6 thematic panels. I will have actual maple wood framework to divide each panel. You’ll also begin to notice the energetic silhouettes of people representing all forms of KC life and arts as they frolic within the city's places, meditate in midtown, and jump into the KC sky. Their drop shadows echo the colors of the grey ceramic tiles that make up the wall behind them. Then as one progresses from 10 to 3 feet away, they'll discover varying degrees of subtle imagery in the skyline, gradually unveiling more and more aspects of Kansas City's unique attributes. This progressive unveiling of historic elements like the plane flown by KC's own Amelia Earhart in panel 1 and the Hereford Cow on panel 6. The varied scales of all these elements serves to make the art accessible for quickly passing travelers, or those waiting to board, or even others with layovers. The artwork's strong overarching composition gives it continuity as it fuses the content into the grand design.



Each panel represent a different aspect of Kansas City, generally moving from west to east when looking left to right on the artwork:

Midwest Prairies

KCI Panel 1

Plaza Pizzazz

KCI Panel 2

KC Crossroads

KCI Panel 4


KCI Panel 4

Team Stadiums

KCI Panel 5

Eastside 18th and Vine 

KCI Art panel 6


The piece will be divided in half as two separately framed pieces. 

Printing: Alpha Graphics will handle this large scale project. Each half will be reverse printed directly to the back of 9.5 x 4 foot clear acrylic (nice plexiglass). The image will then be backed with a layer of white that will protect the image on the back and also help the colors to POP.

Framing: Dolphin Frames will handle the framing. We will use a 1-3" maple wood frame that matches the Hemlock wood of the KCI Airport ceiling. Each half will be framed and hung next to each other touching, giving the appearance of one huge 4 x 19.9" mural. To delineate the 6 panels, Dolphin Frames will fashion inserts out of the same maplewood that will lay on top of the acrylic print on the front. They will be cut and fitted on angled to match the panels, giving the appearance of 6 separate frames. 

KCI framing detail

My hope is that the Commission for Public Art of Kansas City will not only be impressed by the excellence of the art but that it infuses KCI Airport elements with the spirit of Kansas City and its great people and in such a positive light. I know they will also find comfort in knowing that, since the artwork is already generally complete, they are seeing exactly what you will get, without any unknowns. Since the art is a reflection of my deep rooted and cherished experiences in Kansas City, “On a Plane to Kansas City” will uplift, transport, and enlighten travelers of all kinds to our beautiful city and its great and diverse people. 

As with all Commissions and installations, I always work with clients' specific needs and desires. In this piece, details and specifics can be easily revised, exchanged and refined. 


KC Crossroads Billboards  -  Charlotte Foundation

Billboard KC Crossroads

Proposal only: "Prairie Fire Celebration at KC Crossroads"

Image Write-up

—It's time for coming out of the shadows and celebrating new beginnings with the arts in Kansas City! These 2 billboards shout this from the roof top with hot color and a cool energy.

—Julie's unique digital interpretation stems from a random walk down a dark KC urban alley where she noticed a dirty white brick wall with a narrow crack at its base. The crack gave way for tough prairie grasses pushing through, stretching and straining in their quest for light.

—This scene conjured up a striking parallel to the toughness of humanity and their perseverance through their many profound challenges this past year. These beautiful prairie grasses, whether found in urban cracks or in the vast fields surrounding our city inspire us to reach for the sun and, in its heat, dance in the tickling grass. 

—Also dancing on the sign above are living symbols of the fine arts that have made Kansas City a go-to destination for the arts. Human symbols, so cool and fine, as they loose themselves in the rhythmic atmosphere of the Kansas City skyline that lives within this forms.

—As farmers burn their crops to prepare their ground for the next planting season, we too are at last ready to burn away shadows and let art help us celebrate, against the heat of an alley wall, amidst the prairie grasses that embrace the roots of our beautiful city. 


Marriott Gardens Airport  -  Lobby Entry  -  KMG Hotels

Marriott Airport Artwork in front lobby  

Airport Hilton Hotel exterior  


Courtyard by Marriott OP KS  -  3 Hallways  -  KMG Hotels 

Proposal for Kansas City Art at Elevators:
1st Floor: Scenes from Downtown Kansas City
2nd Floor: Scenes from Midtown Crossroads Kansas City
3rd Floor: Scenes from Southtown area Plaza Kansas City

Marriott elevator hall artwork  Marriott elevator opening onto artwork


Waterford Place Neighborhood Entry Hardscape

Did concept design and directed implementation for neighborhood entry way.

Before  -  After

Waterford Place Entry OLD    Waterford Place Entry Hardscape    

Concept Rendering

Waterford Place Entry Concept Rendering

Preliminary Studies 

Waterford Place Entry Study plan   Waterford Place Entry study northwest

Waterford Place Entry north   Waterford Place Entry east 


Halpin & Company  -  Street Front Entry 

Oversized Plaza Fountain artwork using customized deckled (ripped) edging raised over mat, matching frame type and size, UV resistant glass protection from direct morning sunlight.

 Halpin & Co. Installation

DeeDee Cooper Realtor JD Reece  -  Formal Dining Room

Deedee Cooper, Realtor JD Reece: 2 installations for formal environment. Considerations: specific color scheme, sizing, framing, on time, at budget.
DeeDee Cooper Formal dining room with artwork
DeeDeeCooper Artwork diptych

Barb Kovacs Advisor Largay Travel  -  Her Cell Photo Into Mural

Kovaks cellphone photo  

Her cell phone photo enlarged to mural 4 x 7 feet Wrapped Canvas

Kovacs Empty Wall   Kovacs Wall ART installed

Kovak clos-up of artwork    Kovacs Art Close-up Deer

Kovaks Final Artwork

 Anna Marie Vogel  -  Family Memory Diptych
Vogel Commission Family Collage