God's Profligacy, Autumn #2
God's Profligacy, Autumn #2
God's Profligacy, Autumn #2
God's Profligacy, Autumn #2
God's Profligacy, Autumn #2

God's Profligacy, Autumn #2

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"A profusion of warmth and color! My impression of God's indulgence in transitions: warmth to cool, life to death. A glorious transition to dormancy, the remains of which spring new life. His truest profligacy." Julie

This piece is #2 of a 3-part tryptic
(Your purchase of all 3 will bring a substantial discount.)
The tryptic is part of my series: "God's Profligacy of Seasons"
    Winter ~ Spring ~ Summer ~ Autumn

Limited edition of only 30, each piece is digitally signed and numbered.

My process: "I distilled my photo down digitally to unveil the essence of summer's warm colorful profusion, by artfully altering, simplifying and softening it down to its inner glory.  

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All prints are digitally signed and numbered.
All art pieces are as (very) limited editions of 60 or less.

Canvas Wrap - Image is vibrantly printed on textured canvas cloth, sealed to a fade-resistant satin finish, and stretched tight around a wood stretcher-frame. Depth of stretcher 1.5-2.0" depending on size. Made in USA.
Canvas Wrap Framed - Imagine this image "floating" in a studio frame dark enough to bring out these glorious colors. For this art, the frame can be included as part of this and not as a separate purchase. It is 2" deep from the wall and made of strong black wood with 2 large comb hangers. Made in the USA.
Artistic Variations Available - Anything is possible! I can transform this into color versions to work beautifully with your space and style. Prices for these variations are very reasonable. Email your request. 

We'll Frame it For You -  The above product's frame can be ordered right here on this page. For other art on this site is a separate sale, see our Framing page. Any styles and sizes! From a 60x40" wrapped canvas floating in a studio frame to an 11x14" printed on metal, we'll create just the right look for your space.
Email your requests: Julie@ARTrgeousStudio.com