Fences, Black Lives Matter Plaza, DC, Sept. 2020
Fences, Black Lives Matter Plaza, DC, Sept. 2020
Fences, Black Lives Matter Plaza, DC, Sept. 2020

Fences, Black Lives Matter Plaza, DC, Sept. 2020

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"My profound walk in Washington DC through Lafayette Square, Pennsylvania Ave and Black Lives Matter Street (16th) on Sept. 16, 2020 revealed an ominous juxtaposition of solidarity and brutality. The artwork here expresses this division with images that are cut off by with the same fences that hold the portraits of victims. A divided yellow mural with the words "Freedom Libera" serve to provide a unifying component to this powerful visual message. I infused my own hand-drawn portraits to further emphasize my tribute." Julie

My process: Of all my work, this is perhaps the piece I spent the most time on. Visiting the sight with my daughter, who was at the protest that day, I took many photos. I then cropped, altered and enhanced each one to create the flow of the montage. The flow of the piece is stifled by my stylized and enlarged photo of the fence seen in front of the White House. Using my photo of a painted wood fence that contained the word "freedom" in 4 different languages, I divided it up to give way to a positive flow through the piece that juxtaposes the negative black fence divisions. After hand-drawing the portraits of the two faces, I photographed them and infused them into the piece to anchor the ends with humanity. 

Limited edition of only 30, each piece is digitally signed and numbered.

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