Reborn With Alterations


Imagine viewing a photograph digitally altered so dramatically that the original image is lost in the transformed impressionistic colors, or pop-art edges, or post modern abstractions. One might wonder,  "How was this art made? Was their ever a photograph?" This kind of art inspires a reexamination of conventional mindsets about genre's throughout art history, inviting the question, "Is it still valid art if it's digital?"

My unexpected slant on reinterpreted photos was born directly out of the sudden altering of lifestyle. An unwelcome change that would become my serendipitous consideration of the concepts of art and change, as they relate to preconceived notions about art. 

For this inward re-conception, an outward exploration is employed: First, relearning latent art formulas and principles of style, form, balance, contrasts, juxtapositions, ironies, along with a reacquaintance with art history's many influencial figures and movements from varied genres and expressive cultures. Upon these reflections, I explore, through my newly awakened eye, a world abundant in with sensory-filled moments and visual phenomenon, capturing them by the emotional release of the camera's aperture. I then move these captured moments into my digital "art studio." Here I revel in redefining, manipulating and creating by using digital "paintbrushes," working RGB "palettes", filtered "glazes," selected "scissors" and layered "polymers." Using these processes, a work of art, that transcends the photo, is born.  

 Through her art-making, I've become reborn into this ironic resilience: from bland to beautiful, finding an alchemy from hidden elements, or discovering unforeseen social purpose within fleeting moments.   

…MOMENTS altered by the altered.
…ART born of the reborn. 



Using the momentum of a long, illustrious art education career combined with the fresh perspective from her extending stays in the Washington DC area, Julie has jumpstarted a new art career.

In Kansas City she hosted her own show at the Kansas City Artists Coalition, showing over 24 pieces in their Gallery Underground. She’s been accepted into the Prairie Village Art Fair and three artworks have been featured in their 2018/19 promotions: KC magazines, Facebook and Instagram logos. She had a one night show at the "Studio Above" in the Kansas City Crossroads selling most of her work. She also received 2nd place in a juried show at "The Arts Center" gallery in Overland park KS.

In Alexandria VA, she's earned the status of permanent exhibitor at the Torpedo Factory's Art League Gallery. Her art is also often accepted into their monthly juried exhibits, chosen among 600+ submitters. The Art League Gallery employs her as an on-call staff member.

In Arlington, her work was accepted to into two nationally juried show, "This is America 2018" and “Signs of the Times 2019” at DC’s Gallery Underground, receiving an Honorable Mention award. 

Julie has obtained a variety of experiences that enhance her artistic outlook. As a former Kansas University artist and athlete and known in Kansas City for her creativity, she's hosted 26 monthly arts and crafts segments on CBS's KCTV5's Better Kansas City Show. In 2004, she founded "ARTrageous Creative Studio" where she taught art to over 2300 loyal Kansas City families. She earned a second degree in Art Education from Avila University in 1998 while achieving "Master Teacher" status at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, focusing on underserved pre-teens for 28 years. She also taught 15 years at Nativity Parish Grade School, Leawood KS and many workshops for homeless families at ReachKCK, ReStart and IHN. As current co-chair of Prairie Village Arts Council and the Archdiocesan Catholic Fine Arts Council, she's curated and hosted countless juried exhibits and openings.

"I am fueled by an outlook rooted in gratitude"