Your Photo Into Artwork (Or one of Julie's Photos)


"I find great joy in memorializing memories by transforming your cellphone photo into an artwork that can enhance a space and be enjoyed every day. Choosing styles from impressionistic to pop art, from watercolor to pen and ink, I'll collaborate with you to create a lovely piece to commemorate your moment." Julie


Your cell-phone photo customized into a work of art for your home or for a lovely gift and memory.
- You take the photo, Julie transforms it into an artwork in your style, an art by you AND Julie! We will collaborate in choosing the your color scheme, size and proportions, composition, and style, to coordinate with your space or purpose! Styles can range from Monet's impressionistic style to Andy Warhol's pop art, watercolor-wash to pen and ink with color added, abstracted with paints to a photo montage.
- Use one of Julie photos from her HUGE collection: Would you like to have an artwork of a specific flower or a famous place in Kansas City, or the Taj mahal, or a beach? Julie's world travel has provided her with a HUGE collections of lovely photos for YOU to take advantage of! Call her and share you vision. She will make it happen!!

4 Categories of Pricing: 
- Your photo customized for you exclusively. This one-of-a-kind photo is all yours. Julie will include the tis digital file to use for any other purposes: Cards, pillows, mugs, more artworks. These photos will usually have people in them that make them unsellable by Julie.
- Your photo customized photo that Julie can also sell. This option provides substantial discounts!
- Julie's photo customized for you exclusively.  This includes providing you with the digital fille of her transformed photo to use for any other purposes: Cards, pillows, mugs, more artworks. You'll have a one-of-a-kind that Julie will never sell.
- Julie's photo customized photo that Julie can also sell. This option provides substantial discounts!

The price of your commission includes much more than just the artwork:
- Two phone and/or in-personal meetings
- The photo to be altered. Your cell phone quality is almost always fine.
- A virtual photo of a view of the artwork in hanging on the wall of YOUR space.  
- A small hard copy proof, in its basic form: on same substrate to be uses for final artwork paper to scale
- A virtual/digital image of the art in your space
- Delivery

Julie LOVES dong commissions. That's is her most favorite way to create! Email or call her with your ideas and she will work with you to find the perfect solution for your vision. 

The prices do not include:
- Framing
- Upgrades in printing, such as, on canvas wrap, on a higher quality giclee watercolor-style paper, on wood, metal, acrylic or other unique substrates. 
- More than one round of alterations.
- Finished size is larger than 40" on the longest side. 
- Use of Julie's photo (verses your photo).
- Exceptionally unclear photo that would need digital brushwork to create clarity.
- Any of Julie's original work to be done: superimposing, her drawing or painting to be done
- Additional meetings or on-location meetings with framers, designers
- Extraneous circumstances with mailing or delivery of artwork.
- Hanging the artwork/s

    Contact Julie to brainstorm fun ideas: (913) 710-6804,