God's Profligacy, SPRING Tryptic #1, 2, 3 - Nature Impressionistic
God's Profligacy, SPRING Tryptic #1, 2, 3 - Nature Impressionistic

God's Profligacy, SPRING Tryptic #1, 2, 3 - Nature Impressionistic

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"A profusion of the spring's vivid cool colors on flowering trees in pinks, lavenders, mints, line greens! Viewing this scene called me to transform the refreshing return of natural life into a dappling of textures and sprinkling of colors onto a hungry wall. To me, it's an impressionistic rendition of God's Spring awakening, His profligacy, draped on canvas." Julie

This piece is a 3-part tryptic
(Purchase of all three pieces automatically includes a 15% discount.)

Description: A profusion of the Spring nature in Prairie Village KS. Vivid cool colors on flowering trees. Green of Grass and bushes popping out of dormancy, in the meadow that's an impressionistic rendition of God's indulgent awakening, His profligacy, draped on canvas and/or framed canvas.

My process: "I distilled and enhanced these photos digitally to unveil the essence of spring's furry of colorful profusion, by artfully altering, simplifying and softening it down to its inner glory. All pieces were implemented with processes generated only by the Julie within photoshop. No purchased apps were used.

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Printing and shipping time varies based on size and presentation, usually between 2-4 weeks.

All prints are digitally signed.
All art pieces are part of a (very) limited edition of 30.

Sizes - Size listings reflect added spacing between each piece when hung ranging from 2, 4 or 6" depending on size for the total measurement of the tryptic as a whole. Note: for framed pieces, please add 10" to the width and 2.5" to the height of the total of the FRAMED pieces. 

Each piece is also available separately. (See those web-pages for details)

Canvas Wrap - Images are vibrantly printed on textured canvas cloth, sealed to a fade-resistant satin finish, and stretched tight around a wood stretcher-frame. Size listings reflect all 3 pieces together with 4" between. Depth of stretcher 1.5-2.0" depending on size choice. Made in USA. 
Canvas Wrap Framed - Imagine these images "floating" in matching studio frames dark enough to bring out their glorious colors. Size listings reflect all 3 pieces together with 4" between when hung. Note: Size listings to not allow for the 10" additional inches that represent the frames, so please add that into your total size.  The frames are 2" deep from the wall and made of strong black wood with 2 large comb hangers. Made in the USA.
Artistic Variations Available - Anything is possible! I can transform these into any color versions that could work beautifully with your space and style. Prices for these variations are very reasonable. Email your request. 

Email your requests: Julie@ARTrgeousStudio.com

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This triptych is part of my series: "God's Profligacy of Seasons"
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